PCSD Aims for New Graduation Date

COVID-19 started into action a turn of events that none of us could have predicted. For the first time in recent history, school buildings across the country are closed to our children. So much has been lost; yet, so much greater has been gained - a stronger resolve. Our seniors have seemingly lost the most as their traditional rites of passage have been stripped from them. They have lost many opportunities to enjoy their final moments with their friends, teachers, and administrators. Yet, they have come to know what we have known all along - Pirates are resilient.

In true Pirate spirit, we will not surrender to our present set of circumstances. With much feedback from our seniors, teachers, and parents, we have made the decision to hoist our anchors and set sail to a new Graduation Destination -- June 19, 2020. We look to the day that the Visionary Class of 2020 will cross the stage of graduation in front of their Pirate family as they prepare to begin a journey anew. Thank you for your continued support! Crossbones up, Pirates! #nosurrender